BBNaija housemates and lovers Groovy and Phyna fought again last night, sept 6th.

Groovy was mad at Phyna for criticising him as he decided to help prepare poundo while ChiChi was cooking, after she complained about losing the minimie game.

Groovy said Phyna’s statement was rude and she doesn’t know how to talk to people. He also wondered why she always complains about losing, when they played in teams not individually.

This got Phyna very offended, who felt Groovy was overreacting and its because he has eyes on another woman.

Last night, the BBNaija couple had their first fight over Phyna’s drinking habit.

It is a heartbreaking time for Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemates, Groovy and Phyna. The housemates’ ship seems to be on the verge of destruction.

Housemate Daniella had spilled to Phyna her secret discussions with Groovy.

Groovy had opened up to Daniella who he considered his bestfriend to let his feelings for Phyna known.

At that time, Groovy was still trying to navigate his feelings for Phyna and had confessed to Daniella that he didn’t like her and she (Phyna) was forcing the relationship.

It seems things has changed and Groovy is already in love with Phyna, unfortunately, Daniella spilled the tea to Phyna, who thought Groovy was playing her.

Before their Guinness game, Phyna drank to stupor, which Groovy wasn’t happy about.

Cautioning her, Groovy begged her to reduce her intake of alcohol.

He said, “If you want to drink as you like them there is no point of us continuing this relationship”.

Groovy had no choice but to call their relationship to a halt as Phyna remained adamant on drinking.

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